Thursday, October 23, 2014

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At Covington Academy, we create a highly customized curriculum that inspires excellence, builds confidence and provides support in a variety of formats to ensure your kindergarten to fifth grade aged child not only excels academically, but learns to love to learn.

Homeschooling programs for middle school aged students begin in sixth grade.  We prepare students for high school by ensuring that they have all the necessary tools and pre-requisites for college and high school. Our curriculum prepares your middle school aged student for an easy transition into high school.

Homeschooling for high school students requires carefully selected curriculum and customized programs. With Covington Academy you can home school your high school-aged student using our traditional homeschooling program. Highschool students may choose from a College Prep Diploma, Technical Prep Diploma, or General Studies Diploma. All seniors are invited in for a formal graduation.  

All courses are accredited and will transfer to public and private schools. Seniors who graduate from Covington Academy are eligible to apply for the HOPE Scholarship and HOPE Grant,  if they meet the criteria set for the applicant. 

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